Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Malibu lovin

A few months back I asked dad for a new Mal. It didn't take any convincing as he was keen to experiment with a new shape, one that would be particularly good for nose riding.
Not long after "The Brew" was born.

It features:

  • At 23" wide and a much fuller nose area (19"@ 12 up) this shape is very stable for walking and provides for longer time on the nose.
  • A 3/8" deep teardrop concave provides lift.
  • The bottom shape is a combination of roll and vee, with ultra soft rails right through to the tail to drag it down when hanging your toes off the other end.
  • A larger than normal fin is essential to eliminate slide and hold the line set for the ultimate noseride.
Walter White & Jesse Pinkman aka Dad & Mawson in the shaping bay

Point Leo glassing factory

Our new boards before they hit the water

Mahalo dad :)