Thursday, March 7, 2013

My gear of choice

Here is a quick look at what I'm riding this season. Many thanks to Burton and Oakley for providing me with the best quality products.

Myself at Park City World Cup

Board: Burton Feelgood 152

I have been riding the Burton Feelgood for nearly 8 years now. That's a pretty long time to stick with the same model board but this one is hard to beat. Every now and then I try out a new model but I'm yet to find one I like more. It's suitable for all types of riding, it's lightweight, holds a great edge and is quick and responsive under your feet.

Bindings: Burton Escapade EST

I love these bindings so much. My boot fits perfectly and they really lock your foot down with their comfy straps. They're a bit more pricey than other models but as soon as you pick them up you can see and feel the quality.

Goggles: Oakley Splice & Crowbar

On one of my first trips to America, the Baker Bros and I were picked up by Oakley and taken for a tour of their huge LA factory. I was blown away by all the research and testing they ran on every product, it was amazing. We even saw them shoot bullets at lenses and they did not break. They were doing everything to make sure their eyewear was superior and since that day I have recommended Oakley to everyone I know.

Outerwear: B by Burton Naomi Jacket & Belle Pant

The Burton Naomi Down Jacket is a longer fit so you won't get a breeze whilst bending over to do up your bindings. It's super cozy plus it looks good too.

The Burton Belle Pants are a slim fit but still with plenty of room for your thermals underneath.