Saturday, February 22, 2014

The latest from Russia

Time is flying by here in Russia with only a couple of days left. Since my comp I've been super busy checking out other events and making the most of this amazing experience. A photo says 1000 words right?! Here a some shots to see what I've been up to. I'll give more of an update soon but now I'm off to watch the Bobsled :)

Great atmosphere at the speed skating
McDonalds is free at the athlete dining hall.  Mogul girls Nicole and Taylah
Signing tees with Jarryd & Lavinia
Bex & I cheering for the best two countries
Janina just got 5th in Ski Halfpipe! So proud! I'm going to be her bridesmaid in November
Watching the skeleton racers fly by at 130km
The halfpipe 
The Endurance Village is amazing
Getty photo shoot on the rings with the skeleton team & silver medal aerialist Dave Morris

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Opening Ceremony

Well that was amazing! I remember watching the Olympics as a kid and dreaming of one day walking in the Opening Ceremony. It's hard to believe that actually just happened. It was incredible!

We were all buzzing as we waited below the stadium eager to get out there. The feeling in the room was electric as they began the countdown to begin the parade and we could hear the roar from the crowd above. Marching up the tunnel into the bright lights of the Olympic Stadium wearing my Australian uniform, with friends by my side, will forever be one of the greatest moments of my life. I will cherish that memory till the day I die.

Davina and I from our seats after the march
Waiting below the stadium 
Lined up country by country
Aussie Bobsled Team
Moments before we entered the stadium

Oh what a night! Some photos from Harry Magiros :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Made it to Sochi!

I have arrived! I flew into Sochi late Sunday night and was welcomed by Team Australia at the airport, then driven up to the Mountain Village at Rosa Khutor. Waiting in my room was a suitcase, a box and a wardrobe full of Australian uniform. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning and was up until the wee hours looking through all my new gear.

I've spent the last two days acclimatising and exploring the extensive Athletes Village. Today we checked out the gigantic Slopestyle course and took the gondola all the way to the top of the mountain where the views are nothing short of spectacular. 

I wanted to say thanks again to my friends for all the love and support. I've also been receiving so many kind messages on the Australian Team websites fan wall. Big thanks to everyone from my old high school, Dromana Secondary College, who took over that page for a day. I was so stoked to read all the well wishes.

Stay tuned for more :)

Part of the athletes mountain village
You can't miss the Aussies
Local security
Some of the goodies waiting for me
Jump one on the super sized Slope course
Up top at Rosa Khutor
Amazing terrain and beautiful 360 degree views