Saturday, February 22, 2014

The latest from Russia

Time is flying by here in Russia with only a couple of days left. Since my comp I've been super busy checking out other events and making the most of this amazing experience. A photo says 1000 words right?! Here a some shots to see what I've been up to. I'll give more of an update soon but now I'm off to watch the Bobsled :)

Great atmosphere at the speed skating
McDonalds is free at the athlete dining hall.  Mogul girls Nicole and Taylah
Signing tees with Jarryd & Lavinia
Bex & I cheering for the best two countries
Janina just got 5th in Ski Halfpipe! So proud! I'm going to be her bridesmaid in November
Watching the skeleton racers fly by at 130km
The halfpipe 
The Endurance Village is amazing
Getty photo shoot on the rings with the skeleton team & silver medal aerialist Dave Morris

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