Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mt Snow Rev Tour

I've just returned to Breckenridge after a quick trip to Vermont for my final comp of the season. It was the Rev Tour held at Mt Snow and a really important one for me considering I haven't had any great results this year. To compete in World Cup competitions for Australia I needed to achieve a podium result at a Rev Tour, so this was my last chance to earn a spot. No pressure.

The pipe was the worst I've ridden in a long while. Because of the unseasonably warm weather and lack of snow, it got slushy very quickly and there was a serious kink in the wall. 
Despite that training went well and I knew that if I could land my run on comp day I would be on the podium. 

My first comp run I played it safe and did a run I knew I would land, which put me into third position. I stepped it up from there and ended up in second place after my final run. I was stoked! It was a huge relief and I was really happy that I landed all my training and competition runs that day. Now I know that I can do it when it comes down to the wire. 

Its been a bad season for snow. Check the hills in the background. 

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